glycoengineering next-gen bioconjugate vaccines

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Developing novel anti-bacterial bioconjugate vaccines recombinantly using E. coli as a host – no longer dependent on conventional complex synthetic chemistry for conjugate vaccine production.


Next generation Pneumococcal bioconjugate vaccine, (2) multivalent Klebsiella pneumoniae bioconjugate vaccine, and (3) a comprehensive Group B Streptococcus bioconjugate vaccine.


Spearheaded by experts and pioneers in the field of bacterial glycobiology and bioconjugate vaccine design.


Interested in joining our efforts to develop best in class bioconjugate vaccines and reduce bacterial disease? With multiple vaccines in the pipeline, we continually seek ways to accelerate development.

About Us

VaxNewMo is an early stage biotechnological company developing next-generation conjugate vaccines against infectious diseases using our proprietary in vivo conjugating technology. Our platform technology supports the generation of polysaccharide-protein conjugate based vaccines against multiple targets, including, respiratory pathogens like Streptococcus pneumoniae (pneumococcus). Pneumococcus is the leading cause of bacterial pneumonia worldwide and is responsible for ~1.5 million deaths each year.

Our Technology

Conjugate vaccines, composed of polysaccharides linked to a protein, are heralded as one of the most successful public health initiatives. Although conjugate vaccines are proven to save lives, their synthesis is complex, labor intensive, and not conducive for all polysaccharides. To overcome these technical challenges, we have engineered E. coli to recombinantly generate conjugate vaccines in vivo. Key to this process, are a family of conjugating enzymes that covalently attach a polysaccharide to an acceptor protein, bypassing the need for chemical conjugation.

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Our Team
Christian Harding portfolio

Dr. Harding was the lead author on the work that first described a novel class of conjugating enzymes, which has since become the foundation of VaxNewMo’s developmental process for conjugate vaccine synthesis...

Christian Harding, PHD

Co-Founder and CEO
Mario Feldman portfolio

Dr. Feldman is widely considered as the founding father of bioconjugate vaccine production. While bacterial glycosylation systems had already been functionally transferred into E. coli, Dr. Feldman was the first to couple bacterial glycosylation machineries with bacterial surface polysaccharide synthesis pathways to create bioconjugate vaccines...

Mario Feldman, PHD

Co-Founder, CSO and Board Member
Christine Szymanski-portforlio

Dr. Szymanski was the first to demonstrate that bacteria are capable of N-glycosylating proteins and is now exploiting these systems to create glycoconjugate vaccines and oral therapeutics through recombinant expression in Escherichia coli...

Christine Szymanski, PHD

Co-Founder and Board Member
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